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Pre-Order Some Bunny to Love Visor

Speak softly and carry a big carrot. 

Beat the infernal heat with this trendy and adorable visor. Meticulously handmade and embroidered by yours truly, SudiBear. Features a sturdy canvas fabric cap and Velcro straps to fit brain containers of all sizes. Plush ears are embroidered using the ancient art of applique-do, then sewn on by the artist herself.

These are extremely limited, so only the fastest hares will get theirs!


Disclaimer: Small slits in the front brim of the cap have been made to enable the best embroidery process. This doesn't affect the quality, comfort, or fit of the cap, nor can it be seen at all when worn, as it is located on the inside of the visor. 

Blank visors from manufactory are back-ordered, and therefore may add a significant wait time to your order. 


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